Albertina Equipment for Pharmacy


Monoblocks are the ideal solution for pharma and cosmetic factories with limited space. 

Pharmline Compact

The Compact filling and sealing monoblocks are the ideal solution for pharma and cosmetic factories with limited space. The small scale of the machine also participates in savings from the construction of clean space. 

- SA (semi-automatic) and AT (fully automatic) versions
- an automatic bottle feeder for the carousel can be added
- machines are equipped with peristaltic pump
- various sealing systems for screw caps, crimp caps or rubber caps
- standard control system with adjustable control levels
- all stainless steel parts in contact with product are made of AISI 316 L
- top level components are used, such as Siemens Simatic control system with touch screen
- output up to 1.500 bottles/hour


Automatic filling and capping monoblock PHARMline is designed to fill liquids and creams in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Bottles of different sizes and shapes can be processed on the machine. Screw caps, press-on caps and tamper-proof can be applied on the machine.

- liquid is does by peristaltic pumps or gear pumps
- the caps are orineted by vibrating orientators made of polished stainless steel
- all values can be set on the touch screen
- all stainless steel parts
- top level components are used, such as Siemens and Lenze PLC, Festo pneumatics, etc.
- dosing is done by highly accurate peristaltic pumps produced by Albertina

Peristaltic Pumps

Compact mounting system for easy integration into the machine:
- high-precision control with stepper motors or servo drive, PLC and Siemens HMI
- various filling modes
- correlation
- auto tuning
- possibility to connect with scales - feedback
- suck back mod against leakage

Peristaltic pumps available in two versions:
S - very precise filling from 0,001ml - 1L
L - 0.1 - 5L or as a transport

Possible to add:
- fitted directly into our machine
- OEM solutions for the builds (including drive and control)
- semi-automatic filling machines
- stand-alone pumps
- accessories
- ATEX solutions