- Filling and capping monoblocks for bulk material -

Fillling and capping monoblock model Powderline is designed for filling and capping of bottles and canisters with powder products. The machine is dedicated for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.


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Basic configuration

  • Stainless steel machine frame with height adjustable legs
  • Motorized conveyor with adjustable speed
  • Starwheel for containers transfer between the stations
  • Sensor for containers presence detection
  • Product tank including product level control
  • Powder filling station with screw doser
  • Closing of the filling nozzles
  • Vibrating or rotary caps orientator
  • Pick and Place Device
  • Capping head with ajdustable torque
  • Sensor to detect full downstream conveyor
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • CE safety guards

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Other options

  • Caps elevator with hopper
  • Product hopper with screw elevator
  • Product hopper agitator
  • Weight cell under the filling position
  • Sensor for caps presence detection
  • Rejector for bottles without cap
  • Material certifikates for pharmaceutical industry
  • IQ, OQ validation packages
  • Laminair box with Hepa filters
  • ATEX configuration
  • Remote access

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Process description

  • Empty containers are transported by infeed conveyor to the starwheel. At the entrance container presence sensor is located. The first station is filling of powder material. Machine can be equipped with 1 or 2 filling positions. For filling screw dosers are used. Other types of dosing system are also available (volumetric dosers, multiweighers etc.).
  • Next operation after filling is capping. In standard execution, the machine is equipped with capping device for screw caps that consists of caps feeder, caps chute, pick and place device and capping head. This capping device can be replaced by twist off, press on or other system. Filled and closed containers leave the machine on outfeed conveyor.

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