Automatic cartoning machines

  • flexibility, wide range of cartons than can packaged
  • fast change to other sizes, easy exchange of gripping heads
  • packaging various sizes of containers with the same machine
  • turning the containers before they are inserted into the cartoner

Cartoning machines are used to pack various containers (bottles and canisters) in boxes and to seal them with self-adhesive tapes.

Cartoning machines of the Cartesian type consist of four different machine parts:

  1. Automatic erectors of the cartons, into which the stack of unfolded cartons is inserted. The machine folds these cartons and bends the lower flaps. The cartons are then prepared for the group packing of bottles and canisters.
  2. Collecting tables, which are supplied by conveyors with the containers and then arranged into groups
  3. Machine inserting the containers into the cartons, Cartesian-type. Servomotors ensure the movement of on the X and Y axes. The containers are gripped either with suction heads or with a mechanic head.
  4. Carton sealing machines sealing the upper and lower flaps with self-adhesive tape