Capping machines

  • solid construction using stainless steel
  • high precision and repeatability of the closing torque
  • quick conversion to other sizes without using tools and in case of the linear machines, no need of spare parts to converse to other bottle shapes
  • use of top components (SMC pneumatics, Siemens control systems and panels, Lenze servomotors)
  • interconnection with other machines in the line
  • system of sensors controlling the presence of the cap on the container, in the rails, control of aligning of the neck before capping, presence of foil in the caps etc.
  • spare parts available

The linear capping machine CAPLINE CN (canisters) for closing of canisters with the screw-on or press-on caps.

The automatic capping machine Capline ROT is designed for closing various types of containers.

The linear capping machine Capline PMP is designed for application of trigger caps.

The containers (bottles and canisters) do not stop but the capping head moves during sealing together with the container.