- Filling and sealing of metal and plastic tubes -

The filling and sealing machines for plastic and metal tubes are mainly used to fill cosmetic and pharmaceutical products such as creams and ointments, toothpaste and also food products (ketchup, dressings, mayonnaises or cheese). 


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Basic configuration

  • Machine frame with height adjustable legs
  • Tube magazine with automatic feeding
  • Rotary table for transfer the tubes between stations
  • Tube orientation unit
  • Product tank with 35 L capacity including product level control
  • Piston filling unit
  • Tube lift for bottom filling
  • Pneumatically closed filling nozzle
  • Hot air unit for seal heating
  • Closing unit including embossing
  • Trimming unit
  • Automatic outfeed of filled tubes
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • Safety guards

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Other options

  • Heating of the product tank
  • Product tank agitator
  • Unit for making of round welds
  • Unit for cutting the hinge hole in the tube weld

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Process description

  • The operator manually loads the tubes into the tube magazine. The tube is then automatically inserted into the tube holder so called "nest". The rotary table with nests moves the tubes to the orientation position, where the tube is oriented based on the "black mark". After that the tube is transferred to the filling unit.
  • The product is stored in the product hopper and dosed by volumetric cylinder. The volume of filling can be easily adjusted. Next station is the tube heating device where the top of the tube is heated by a hot air unit. Than the tube is sealed and the top of the tube is trimmed to obtain nice finish. Ready tube is transferred to the outfeed conveyor.

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