- Filling and capping of cups -

Monoblock Cupline is suitable for filling, sealing with foil and lidding of cups, trays and pots. 

Both liquids and pastes can be filled including products containing pieces of fruits and vegetables.


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Basic configuration

  • Bottom filling system
  • Filling station with lobe pump
  • Product hopper with level control
  • Sensor to detect the cups presence in rotary table
  • Rotary table for moving cups between stations
  • Cups magazine with automatic destacker
  • Machine frame with height adjustable feets
  • Pneumatic closing of filling nozzle(s)
  • Safety guards
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • Lid magazine with automatic destacker

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Other options

  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Foil sealing from the reel
  • Pre-cutted foil sealing
  • Auger doser for powder products
  • Product tank agitator
  • Heating of the product tank

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Process description

  • The operator puts a stack of cups to the cups magazine. The cups are taken from magazine by vacuum suction pad that inserts the cup to the position in rotary table. This table moves the cups between the stations inside the machine. The first station is filling using lobe pump for dosing.

  • The machine is equipped with cup lifting system for filling from the cup bottom to eliminate air pockets. Next station is lid applicator consisting of lids magazine and lid placing mechanism. Machine can be also equipped with aluminium or plastic foil applicator. After filling and closing the cup is transferred to the outfeed table or outfeed conveyor.

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