Automatic linear capping machines


CAPLINE CN - Capping machine with stationary capping head

This is the basic version of automatic single-headed capping machines. The bottles and canisters are stopped under the capping head with the help of sidebands. The caps are aligned using a band feeder or a rotation aligner and transported on a conveyor to a pick-and-place station, which passes the cap under the capping head. The capping head is set on the cap and tightens it to the required screw torque. The capacity of the machine is 1,500 bottles per hour.

CAPLINE Dynamic - Capping machine with movable capping head

The containers (bottles and canisters) do not stop but the capping head moves during sealing together with the container. This way, spilling of the filled product is eliminated, which is of special importance mainly in case of a larger capacity. The head is moved on the x and y axes by servomotors. The screw torque is also operated by a servomotor. The capacity of a single-headed machine is up to 3,000 containers per hour.