- Automatic linear capping machine -

Capline CN is linear capping machine suitable for automatic capping of bottles or canisters with screw on or press-on caps. Thanks to the linear design of the machine no format parts for different sizes of containers are needed. The cap is automatically oriented and applied on the bottle neck.

Motor Oil

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Basic configuration

  • Stainless steel machine frame mounted on height adjustable legs
  • Stainless steel conveyor with adjustable guide rails and with delrin or stainless steel top slat band
  • Input and output gate or sidebelt for stopping of the bottles under capping head
  • Rotary caps orientator on top of the machine
  • Cap chute with sensor to detect cap presence
  • Pick and Place device
  • Capping head with adjustable torque
  • Sensor to detect presence of the bottle under the capping head
  • Sensor to detect full downstream conveyor
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • CE safety guards
  • Format parts for one size of bottle and cap

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Other options

  • Caps elevator with hopper
  • ATEX configuration
  • Corrossive proof version
  • Remote access
  • Rejector for bottles without caps

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Process description

  • The bottles enter the machine on infeed conveyor. They are stopped under capping head by pneumatic gates or side belt.
  • The caps are transported from the floor level caps hopper by belt elevator to the rotary orientator placed on the top of capping machine. Oriented caps fall down to the cap chute. The chute is equipped with sensor, which detects level of caps. In case of low level of caps in the chute, the sensor activates the orientator. The cap is transported from the cap chute by Pick and Place device directly to the capping head. The capping head puts the cap on the neck of the bottle and tightens it on requested capping torque. Closed container leave the machine on downstream conveyor.

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