Automatic linear capping machine


This is the basic version of automatic single-headed capping machines. The bottles and canisters are stopped under the capping head with the help of sidebands. The caps are aligned using a band feeder or a rotation aligner and transported on a conveyor to a pick-and-place station, which passes the cap under the capping head. The capping head is set on the cap and tightens it to the required screw torque. The capacity of the machine is 1,500 bottles per hour.


  • Machine frame mounted on height adjustable feets
  • Stainless Steel conveyor with adjustable guide rails and with delrin or stainless steel top slat band.
  • Input and output gates for stopping the packaging under the closing head
  • Rotary caps orientator on top of the machine
  • Caps chute with sensor to detect cap presence
  • Pick and Place device
  • Capping head with adjustable torque
  • Sensor for detecting packaging in the sealing compartment
  • Sensor to detect full outfeed conveyor
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • CE safety guards
  • Format parts for one type of bottle and one type of a cap


  • Cap inventor with tray
  • Side belt system for stopping bottles below the
  • capping head
  • ATEX configuration
  • Chemical proof configuration
  • Remote connection


  • body of the machine is completely made in stainless steel AISI 304 and is mounted on adjustable height feet in order
  • to get an easy assembling to the rest of the filling line
  • infeed and outfeed conveyor with the variable speed by inverter
  • closing group with caps feeder, capping chute and pneumatic Pick and Place device.
  • nr. 01 capping head for screw on caps
  • manual regulation of the height by a simple adjustment on the back of the machine.
  • electrical regulation of the speed of the machine by inverter.
  • electrical photocell posed at the entrance; no bottles at entrance, the machine stops
  • electrical photocell is posed at the exit: in case of overfill at the exit, the machine stops
  • electrical photocell stops the machine in case the caps feeder is completely empty
  • SS control panel with touch screen