Pharmaceutical products

Pharmacy is probably the most complex field in the automatic packaging industry. Demands are placed both on the processing technology itself, which must have a high degree of cleanability and absolute sterility of filling, and on the quality of the materials used. Our company Albertina has been specialising in the automation of packaging processes in the pharmaceutical industry for many years - so we are able to meet these demands. The equipment for the pharmaceutical industry is manufactured only from top-quality materials that comply with the applicable standards and also from proven suppliers. In addition to the equipment itself, complete sets of material certificates and other documentation, such as IQ OQ installation and operational qualification documents, are part of the delivery. This allows you to operate your equipment in full compliance with GMP and EHEDGE.

To reduce the number of operators required to operate the filling lines, the filling lines can be equipped with rotary type automatic feeding tables or other automatic feeding options.

Monoblock type equipment is usually used for filling and closing pharmaceutical packaging. This is a compact solution where filling and sealing is carried out in a single device, so that any possibility of product contamination is substantially eliminated. The equipment is also easily covered by a laminar box with HEPA filters to maintain a clean environment. The product is filled by peristaltic pumps, which perfectly combine high dosing accuracy (even for very small doses) and perfect protection of the filled product from contamination. The filling station can also be combined with an inert gas injection unit

The capping station allows the application of conventional screw caps or bump caps, but also the perforation of aluminium caps. A double capping station is also possible, where the first station applies the dropper or rubber stopper and the next station applies the cap itself. To ensure high quality packaging and product safety, the closing station is equipped with a cap fitting check. Packages without caps are automatically removed from the line.

Our labelling machines can be used for the application of full-circle labels as well as counter labels. Combined with a dot matrix or thermal transfer printer, additional information such as production date, expiry date and batch number can be printed on the labels. Camera inspection enables the rejection of packages without label or printing.

Various secondary packaging options can be added to pharmaceutical filling lines. Whether it is the packaging of individual products in cartons, including the insertion of leaflets, or group packaging in cartons or shrink film. For complete automation, the lines can be equipped with an automated form of palletisation.

Pharmaceutical products
Pharmaceutical products

Examples of pharmaceutical products

  • Ointments
  • Creams
  • Vaccines
  • Vaccination kits
  • Vitamins
  • Blood preparations
  • Medicines
  • Dietary supplements