- Labelling ampoules and small bottles -

ETIFIALE is a special labelling system to apply labels on ampoules, vials and other types of small bottles at a speed of up to 12,000 pieces/hour. The system can be equipped with a system to control the presence of the labels, of the printing, a barcode or pharma code reader and a system for picking out defective items. The control system can be linked to a superior system or can be included in a track-and-trace system.


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  • Compact size for quick and easy installation in lines
  • Etipack Pharma Series is designed for labeling, coding, serialization and Track & Trace of pharmaceuticals

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Device description

  • Machine frame in painted steel and panels in polished stainless steel
  • Insertion of ampoules from the tray onto the conveyor
  • Conveyor for ampoules with independent motor with frequency converter
  • Rotary conveyor for ampoules with independent motor with frequency converter
  • Format change to 18, 27 and 36 positions
  • Automatic rose format recognition
  • Insufficient quantity check on conveyor
  • Automatic labelling head with hybrid stepper motor with magnetic encoder
  • Touch screen display for setting and managing more than 50 parameters
  • Automatic vertical adjustment with automatic adjustment after format change
  • Internal sensor for roll end detection

    • Product rotation system with independent motor for application on rotating ampoule
    • Label presence check by luminescent cell or cameras
    • Double checking of the label during 180° application by luminescent cell
    • Pressure device for transferring finished ampoules to the tray
    • Pneumatic dispensing with mechanical ampoule extraction and gravity feed
    • Photocell for checking the decommissioning
    • Removable tray for discarded ampoules
    • Detection of the full container of discarded ampoules
    • Parameter settings for stopping after subsequent discarding
    • Advanced electronics with SIEMENS S7 PLC

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