- Monoblocks for filling and capping pouches -

Filling and capping monoblock Pouchline is an advanced, automated system specifically engineered for the efficient and precise filling and capping of stand-up premade pouches and bags, commonly known as doypacks. 

This state-of-the-art machinery is a significant asset in packaging lines, particularly for businesses operating within the cosmetic, food, and chemical industries.


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Basic configuration

  • Stainless steel machine frame with height adjustable legs
  • Pouches insertion system
  • Starweel to tranfer pouches between the stations
  • Sensor for detecting pouches presence in the starwheel
  • Product tank with product level control
  • Filling stations with rotary pumps or flow meters
  • Pneumatic closing of filling nozzles
  • Rotary caps orientator
  • Cap chute with sensor for cap presence check
  • Pick and Place unit
  • Capping head with adjustable capping torque
  • Sensor for checking the cap presence on pouch
  • Outfeed conveyor for filled and closed pouches
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • Safety guards

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Other options

  • Automatic pouches insertion system from rails
  • Caps elevator with integraded hopper
  • Product tank heating
  • Product tank agitator
  • Automatic pouches insertion directly from carton boxes
  • Automatic packing of filled pouches to boxes
  • Undercap application station
  • ATEX Configuration
  • Remote access

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Process description

  • Operator inserts empty pouches or bags to the machine infeed rail. The insertion system inserts the bags one by one to the starwheel of the machine. The first operation is filling. The machine can be equipped with 1 to 4 filling positions. For filling rotary pumps, peristaltic pums or flowmeter systems can be used.
  • Next operation after filling is capping. In standard execution the machine is equipped with capping device for screw caps that consists of caps feeder, caps chute, pick and place device and screw caps capping head. Filled and closed bag is transferred to the outfeed conveyor and then to other operations (cartoning, packing).

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