Prophylactic service inspections

What is a prophylactic examination?

Preventive maintenance inspections are targeted, recurring periodic inspections and maintenance of equipment to test all operating modes and to determine if the equipment is operating reliably and in accordance with technical standards. These checks can reduce failure rates and extend the life of the equipment.

How often are inspections carried out?

The interval depends on the operating conditions and the intensity of the load, but at least once a year. The output of the inspection is an "Equipment Condition Report" which summarizes the results and the current condition of the equipment.

What is included in the inspection?

  • visual and mechanical inspection of the machine
  • inspection of the machine control unit
  • cleaning the machine of dust and dirt
  • checking the event log readable from the software application (if the equipment allows it)
  • test of the machine in all operating modes
  • updating the control software (if the equipment allows it)
  • preparation of a prophylactic inspection report evaluating the condition of the machine and recommending further operation
  • proposal of technical solutions for the elimination of any defects
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