Automatic rotary capping machines


Capline ROT 1 - Single head capping machine

Rotary capping machines are intended for capping various types of containers with screw, pressure and twist-off caps.

Rotary machines are mainly used to close smaller containers and for the closing of special caps (for example, caps with shallow threads). The containers are moved from the conveyor to a step-by-step carusel table, then under the capping head, where the cap is placed using a pick-and-place mechanism into the capping head. Then the container is closed.

The maximum capacity of the single-headed machine is 2,600 bottles/hour.

Capline ROT MULTIHEAD - Multi-head capping machines

Continual multi-headed rotary machines are used if larger amounts of bottles are to be closed. Three-heads machines have a capacity of 4,000 bottles per hour, four heads for 6,000 bottles per hour.

After separation of the bottles by timming screw entry, the bottles are passed into the entry carousel and led to the central carousel, where the bottles are being capped while moving. The capping heads are moved together with the closed bottle.

After capping, the bottles are transported by an exit carousel to the exit conveyor.


  • Machine frame with height adjustable feets
  • Motorized conveyor with adjustable speed
  • Starwheel for transfering bottles
  • Sensor for detecting container in the starwheel
  • Rotating cap orientator at the top of the device
  • Caps chute with sensor to detect cap presence
  • Pick and Place device
  • Capping head with adjustable torque
  • Sensor to detect full outfeed conveyor
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • CE safety guards


  • Caps elevator with hopper
  • Infeed side belts for stablizitaion of container
  • Sensor for detecting caps presence
  • Disposal of bottles without cap
  • Cap orientator located behind the device
  • ATEX configuration
  • Chemical proof configuration
  • Remote connection


  • Body of the machine is completely made in stainless steel AISI 304 and is mounted on adjustable height feet in order to get an easy assembling to the rest of the bottling plant.
  • Cap sorter on the top of the machine
  • Caps chute with sensor for control of cap presence in chute, if there is no cap in the chute machine doesn´t work.
  • Electric regulation of the height
  • Electric regulation of the speed by an inverter
  • Electrical micro-switch stop the machine in case of problems on the star so as not break any bottles.
  • Electrical photocell is posed in the enter; in case of no arrival of bottles the machine doesn't run.
  • Electrical photocell is posed on the exit: in case of problem on the bottling plant the machine stops.
  • Control panel in S / S AISI 304 with TOUCH SCREEN ( auxiliaries service at 24 volts )
  • Height of conveyor from floor 950 ± 50 mm