Cosmetic products

The cosmetics industry is specific in several ways. Filling lines must be very easy to clean to avoid cross-contamination of products. At the same time, they must be easily adjustable for a large variety of packaging - and some packaging can be very difficult to handle due to the high design requirements.

Our automatic empty packaging set-ups can be equipped with an orientation unit, this is essential in the case of automatic set-ups for asymmetric packaging. These devices can also be used for inserting packages into pucks ensuring the transport of unstable packages on the conveyor.

The filling machines offer easy cleanability, this allows a quick change of the filled product. The ability to fill from the bottom, where the filling nozzle is below the surface of the product, combined with the adjustable filling speed, helps to eliminate unwanted foaming of the product. This significantly increases the performance of the filling equipment. The combination of flow meters and appropriate pump types allows filling of both liquid products and creams in one unit.

We design the capping equipment so that different types of caps common to the cosmetic industry can be combined. These include screw caps, bump caps, flip top caps as well as pumps, dispensers and sprays. Our closures can also be equipped with a station for the application of various liners, droppers, dispensers or units for the application of induction welded film.

For facilities with limited space, we also produce monoblock solutions, where the filling and closing equipment is housed in a single frame. These are compact devices that are easy to clean, adjustable and significantly reduce operating requirements.

We are well aware that the cosmetics industry also places high demands on the precise application of labels. That is why our labelling equipment can apply all-round self-adhesive labels on cylindrical packaging. Front and back self-adhesive labels on packaging of various shapes, or other additional labels applied to the packaging or its closure. Our labeling equipment is characterized by high application accuracy and at the same time easy adjustability to different type of packaging or label. The labeling equipment can be combined with Ink Jet devices, as well as equipped with a thermal transfer printer to print the production or expiry date directly on the label or packaging.

A special category is the filling of cosmetic products, especially creams into plastic or aluminium tubes. We offer just such machines with different performance and degree of automation. Exactly tailored to your needs. These machines combine good cleanability, fast set-up with easy serviceability - only one operator is needed to fully operate these machines.

The equipment is equipped with tube orientation, which in combination with the weld trimming unit ensures the perfect design of each tube. In addition to conventional welds, we also offer the option of rounded weld shapes or the cutting of a hanging "euro" hole. The tube welding or tube bending unit can be used for embossing - embossing the date and text into the tube weld.

Cosmetic filling lines can easily be supplemented with various secondary packaging options, whether it is the packaging of individual products in cartons including the insertion of leaflets or group packaging in cartons or shrink wrapping. For complete automation, the lines can be equipped with an automated form of palletizing.

Cosmetic products
Cosmetic products


  • Soaps
  • Shampoos
  • Shower gels
  • Body lotions
  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Panthenol
  • Toothpastes
  • Lubricants
  • Perfumes