Monoblocks for filling, capping and sealing

  • high precision of dosing, exact closing torque
  • very compact and space-saving solution
  • using these monoblocks saves money for the construction of clean spaces
  • use of top materials (exclusively AISI 316 L contact parts) and highly polished surfaces, all materials and seals complying with the requirements of GMP and FDA
  • conversion to other sizes without using tools
  • use of top components (SMC pneumatics, Siemens control panel, Endress Hauser flow sensors)

The Compact filling and capping monoblocks are the ideal solution for pharma and cosmetic factories with limited space. 

The filling and sealing machines for plastic and metal tubes are mainly used to fill cosmetic and pharmaceutical compounds such as creams and ointments, 

Monoblock Cupline is suitable for filling, sealing with foil and lidding of cups, trays and pots. Both liquids and pastes can be filled including products containing pieces of fruits and vegetables.

Filling and capping monoblocks are used to fill up ampoules, bottles and jars and to seal them with screw, pressure and twist-off caps.

Monoblocks for filling and capping of the doypack bags are intended to fill ready-made bags with the help of filling nozzles through the neck.

The filling and closing lines for buckets unstack the buckets, fill them and close them with a foil or a lid.

The filling and capping monoblocks for bulk material are mainly used in the pharma and food industry, sometimes in the production of bulk fertilizers and chemicals.