- Capping of pumps and triggers -

Linear machine model Capline PMP is an universal system designed for tightening of different screw caps, trigger caps and pumps. 

Machine can be also equipped with the closing unit for press-on caps. Caps are applied manually and closing process is automatic.


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Basic configuration

  • Stainless steel machine frame with height adjustable legs
  • Stainless steel conveyor with adjustable guide rails and with delrin or stainless steel top slat band.
  • Side belts for stabilization and guidance of bottle
  • System of motorized wheels for cap tightening
  • Sensor to detect bottles in capping area
  • Sensor to detect full downstream conveyor
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • CE safety guards

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Other options

  • Pneumatic barrier with pedal to stop bottles at the infeed
  • Tiltable tightening mechanism to allow tightening of duck type bottles
  • Cap press-on unit
  • ATEX configuration
  • Corrossive proof configuration
  • Remote access

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Process description

  • The operator puts the cap on the bottle neck manually. Then the bottles enter the capping area and side belts guide the bottles to the capping station. The side belts stop the bottle in the exact position between the tightening wheels. The tightening mechanism tightens the cap to the requested torgue. When the torgue is reached, tightening mechanism opens and closed bottle leaves the machine.

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