Capping of pumps and triggers


Capline TRIGGER - Semi-automatic machine with manual placing of the caps

The semi-automatic Capline TRIGGER is designed for all kinds of triggers and pumps and dispensers, but also for screw caps. With a little adjustment, it can be used to press on caps. The caps are placed by hand on the bottle necks and automatically tightened or pressed on. The machines have an output of up to 3,000 containers per hour.

Capline TRIGGER AT - Fully automatic machine

The automatic Capline TRIGGER AT is intended for the capping of bottles using pumps and triggers. The machine is fully automatic. The operater pours the tirggers into the storage container, from here, they are transported by a conveyor to the aligning bowl, then they are moved using a special trail to a pick-up mechanism, which grabs the trigger and a scissors mechanism guides the straw, the scissors mechanism puts them in the bottle and tightens them.