Efforts to maximize production efficiency led to the creation of separate specialized production units, where individual types of machines (labelling machines, linear filling machines, filling monoblocks and tubing machines) are mass-produced. Thanks to specialisation, an optimum quality/price ratio is achieved.

In addition to optimising price, batch production enables shorter delivery times, for example up to 4 weeks for labelling systems. In addition, thanks to a large spare parts warehouse, the operability of service is considerably increased, as the company has all the parts from which the machines are assembled.

The production management system allows the number of parts in stock to be monitored, thus avoiding downtime that can arise in the event of late delivery of machine components.

Our unscrambling machines enhance packaging lines with swift, reliable bottle orientation, perfect for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 

Our filling machines offer high precision, quick size changes without extra parts, and great value. Compliant with GMP and FDA, they ensure production excellence. 

Our capping machines ensure precision and efficient cap application, featuring quick size changeovers and top-quality components for various container types.

Our versatile labelling systems, ideal for the food, cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors, enable precise label application on various container shapes.  

Our control systems enhance production with precise monitoring, ensuring reliability and quality with advanced scales, detectors, and sorting. 

Our automatic cartoning machines offer efficient packaging solutions, expertly handling bottles, cans, and bags. They feature box erection, item grouping, and more.  

We offer efficient robotic palletizing solutions, handling boxes, bags, canisters, and more. Features include automated layer forming, precise package placement, and more. 

Our complete filling lines are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

We offer a wide range of monoblocks for filling and capping ampoules, vials, and other containers. The monoblocks are designed to be compact and space-saving.

We offer a variety of solutions for filling barrels, IBCs, and other containers with bulk material. They are designed to be efficient and precise, ensuring that the products are filled accurately.