Dairy Products & Cheeses

Filling, Closing, and Labelling of Dairy Products and Cheeses 

Filling dairy products and cheeses is a process that requires precise technology and high demands on the quality of the materials used. Our filling machines are made in the Ultraclean design, with an emphasis on cleanability and weld quality. Materials in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316, ensuring compliance with food standards.

Filling: Our lines for filling dairy products or dosing cheeses can be equipped with devices for rinsing or sterilizing containers before actual filling/dosing. This rinse is done using sterile air, water injection, or a combination of water and cleaning solution. Liquid or pasty products (milk, processed cheese, etc.) are dosed by volume, with the filled volume measured using flow meters to ensure high filling accuracy. Cheeses are then dosed using weighing or tensometric units.

Closing: Our closing machines can work with all types of closures used in the dairy industry. Options include Twist-off closures, alkork closures, screw-on or impact plastic closures. Closing machines are easy to supplement with additional accessories, such as steam injection or induction application of aluminum foil. Also, the application of PET or PP film on buckets and subsequent application of pressure lids is a matter of course.

Labelling: We offer a wide range of machines suitable for applying self-adhesive, paper, or heat-shrinkable labels. Special labelling devices also allow the application of safety "L" or "U" labels.

Packaging and Palletizing 

Packaging: Our secondary packaging equipment is ideal for dairy products and cheeses. Filling lines can be equipped with tunnels for packaging in shrink film, including the possibility of inserting containers on cardboard trays and equipment for packaging in cartons.

Palletizing: Efficient palletizing is key to the distribution of dairy products and cheeses. Our palletizing systems are designed to meet all requirements for speed, accuracy, and reliability, ensuring a smooth process.

Dairy Products & Cheeses
Dairy Products & Cheeses

Examples of dairy products

  • Filling Lines for Milk
  • Filling Lines and Monoblocks for Yogurts
  • Filling Lines for Kefir
  • Filling Lines for Dosing Ricotta Cheese
  • Dosing Lines for Mozzarella Cheese
  • Filling of Processed Cheese