Chemical products

Filling lines for the chemical industry are manufactured mainly with regard to the appropriate choice of materials. Our company has long been cooperating with VŠCHT Prague on the selection of the right materials. All materials are consulted with experts before use. Filling and packaging lines in the chemical industry can be divided into two basic categories. Firstly, lines made of chemically resistant materials, which are used for filling aggressive acidic or alkaline substances. Secondly, lines for use in plants with a higher risk of explosion. The equipment can be equipped with hazardous fume extraction and, as a matter of course, safety features such as electronic safety cover locks.

Filling lines can be automated right at the packaging inlet. Options include rotary or square feed tables or fully automated stacking and depalletizing equipment.

Filling machines are manufactured with special attention to the dripping of the filled product into the machine. Filling needles are always equipped with pneumatic closure and a drip tray to protect the conveyor when changing packaging below the filling position. The conveyor itself has an additional drip tray at the bottom along its entire length to prevent product spillage onto the floor. For special applications, you can equip the machine with an under-conveyor scale in the filling section or a continuous checkweigher with the possibility of scrapping.

Linear or rotary type closures offer easy adjustment for different types of packaging. All types of screw or bump caps and sprayers can be sealed.

The labeling equipment can apply all-round self-adhesive labels on cylindrical packaging. Front and back self-adhesive labels for different shaped packaging, or other additional labels applied to the packaging or its closure. In combination with a dot matrix or thermal transfer printer, additional information such as date of manufacture, expiry date and batch number can be printed on the labels. Camera inspection enables the rejection of packaging without label or printing.

Filling lines can be supplemented with various secondary packaging options such as group packing in cartons or shrink wrapping.

To achieve complete automation, the lines can be equipped with an automated form of palletizing.

Chemical products
Chemical products

Examples of chemical products

  • Acids and acid-based products
  • Alkalis and alkaline-based products
  • Pure acids and bases for analytical purposes
  • Washer waters
  • Fertilizers and growth regulators
  • Flammables and substances filled in explosive atmospheres (alcohol solutions, acetone, gasoline)
  • Brake fluids
  • Distilled water
  • Thinners, paints and solvents
  • Corrosion inhibiting solutions
  • Garden chemicals
  • Sealants and adhesives