- Two side label application -

Labelling System 5 is an universal labelling system designed to apply one or two self adhesive labels on square and elliptical containers, by using DRP device also on cylindrical containers. 


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Basic configuration

  • Machine frame mounted on height adjustable legs
  • Stainless Steel conveyor with motorization controlled by inverter
  • One or 2 labelling heads
  • 3 axe microregulation for position adjustment of labelling head(s)
  • Tastex photocell start
  • DSP top stabilization belt
  • Label application finishing rollers
  • Control panel

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Other options

  • Chain orientator for elliptical containers
  • DRP wraparound belt for cyllindrical containers
  • Three rollers applicator for orientation of the label position in relation to the packaging
  • Additional labelling head for top label application
  • Hot stamp printing equipment
  • Thermal transfer printing device
  • Label presence control
  • Label application control by camera
  • Print presence control
  • Pharma and barode readers
  • Rejector for bottles without label or with wrong label print or position

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Process description

  • The containers enter the machine on infeed conveyor. They are separated and oriented on the conveyor by chain orientator. Oriented container is then held by top belt, which guarantees the position and stability of the container during label application.
  • The machine is equipped with sensors to detect the position of the container to start label application. Once the sensor detects the container, it sends signal to the labelling head and the label is applied. After label application the bottle with labels passes by end application rollers.
  • The labelled container then leaves the machine on downstream conveyor.

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