The ALBERTINA currently has 5 manufacturing sites - each with its own production facilities. At the same time, each plant is equipped with its own design department and materials warehouse so that nothing hinders production efficiency. The total area of our plants is almost 3,500 m2.

  • Our first operation concentrates on the production of linear filling machines and capping machines, as well as labelling machines or complete production lines.
  • The second operation is focused on the production of filling and capping monoblocks for filling liquid and bulk substances or for filling tubes.
  • The third operation is responsible for the production of automatic bottle erectors and cap orientators. It produces, for example, rotary orientators, vibratory feeders and rails, and automatic builders.
  • The fourth operation takes care of the development and implementation of robotic workstations in cooperation with Fanuc.
  • The fifth operation is a state-of-the-art centre dedicated to the production of components on CNC machines, including a waterjet and other amenities.

To keep everything running as it should be, nearly 80 production workers are responsible for the operation of our company. In addition, the development department employs a 10-strong team of mechanical designers and an 8-strong team of electrical designers and programmers.

Today we have offices almost all over the world. Our own sales offices can be found in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Denmark and our dealer network covers the US, South East Asia, North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

The installation and service of our machines is provided by a team of 6 service technicians. Subsequently, in the regions, service is carried out by our own service offices or by contracting authorised service technicians. We also work with Fanuc integrators. 

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