Filling and capping monoblocks for liquids


Filling and capping monoblocks are used to fill up ampoules, bottles and jars and to seal them with screw, pressure and twist-off caps. The system can also apply caps for lyophilisation and subsequent crimping.

Filling and capping monoblocks are used mainly in the pharma and cosmetic industry. They have a place also in food factories with limited space to accommodate a filling line with independent filling and capping machine. The monoblocks are used mainly to fill up smaller volumes.

The filling and capping monoblocks are produced in two versions: Pharmline 1 with a capacity of up to 2,600 bottles (ampoules) per hour and Pharmline 2 with a capacity up to 5,200 bottles (ampoules) per hour.

Pharmaceutical factories use mainly peristaltic pumps, less often flow sensors for dosing; while Lobe pumps are used in the food industry and gear pumps especially in the cosmetic industry.

Vibration feeders are used mainly to supply caps, less often rotation feeder.

The capping head is powered by a servomotor with exact closing torque that can be set on the control panel.

Pharma monoblocks are produced in accordance with the requirements of GMP and FDA. Validation documents and the complex installation, operational and process qualifications are part of the delivery.