Filling of barrels and IBCs

  • filling of large volumes
  • high precision thanks to filling scales
  • complex solution from unstacking to sealing and labelling
  • all processes synchronized on one roller conveyor
  • safe processing and operation

Barrel and canister filling lines are composed of a series of roller conveyors, conveyor at the entry is used for automatic tranfer of the palets with containers and to open the containers with special pneumatic tools. The filling is operated using static scales with a capacity up to 1,500 kg. After the filling of all containers, the palette with the barrels or IBC is automatically moved to the capping station and then to the labelling station.

The maximum capacity of the line is 60 barrels or 12 IBCs per hour. These machines are mostly used for filling engine oils, glues, chemicals and fertilizers.

The machines are also produced for explosive environments (ex-proof). The filling machine can also be delivered as separate equipment without conveyors.