- Filling of barrels and IBCs -

Pallet filler is dedicated for filling of 50-200 L drums, jerrycans and 1000 l IBC´s on pallet and closing them by screw or crimping cap.

Motor Oil

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Basic configuration

  • Weight platform with stainless steel cover plate
  • Movable nozzle holding arm for nozzle positioning
  • Nozzle height adjustment by handwheel or motorized
  • In neck diving filling nozzle
  • Pneumatic closing of the filling nozzle
  • Drip tray under the filling nozzle
  • Infeed product pipe with proportional valve or pump
  • Pneumatic sealing head on balancer
  • PLC Simens with TS 

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Other options

  • System of pallet infeed and outdeed conveyors
  • Motorized diving nozzle for bottom filling
  • System to heat the hoses for hot filling
  • Drum labelling system

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Process description

  • The pallet with drums or IBC container is placed by forklift on the weight platform, in case of automatic pallet feeding it arrives to the filling position on the conveyor. The weigher makes tara. Than the operator moves the nozzle placed on movable arm over the drum opening and press the buttons to activate arm brakes. The arm is then fixed in the position and the nozzle dives into the drum opening.
  • The filling process starts. When the preset weight is nearly reached, the proportial valve and filling nozzle partially close and when the required weight is reached, the valve and nozzle completely close and the nozzle can be moved to next drum. When filling is completed, drums are closed with the help of closing tools. Than the pallet with filled and closed drums leaves the position on conveyor or can be collected by forklift.

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