Engine oils and lubricants

In recent years, we have delivered a number of complete lines or parts of lines to the petrochemical industry. Our clients include companies such as Fuchs, BP, Shell, Rosneft[MČ1] and others.

Our equipment can automate significant parts of the engine oil packaging process and thus reduce the necessary number of operators.

Filling lines can be automated right at the packaging inlet. Options include rotary or square feed tables or fully automated staging and depalletizing equipment.

Filling equipment offers high accuracy of filled batches and easy conversion to other packaging formats. The filling needles are always equipped with pneumatic closure and a drip tray to protect the conveyor when changing packages below the filling position. The conveyor itself has an additional drip tray at the bottom along its entire length to prevent product spillage onto the floor. On request, the filling equipment can be equipped with a continuous checkweigher with the possibility of discarding. The filling equipment can also be supplied in ATEX version for environments with increased explosion risk.

Linear or rotary type closures offer easy adjustment for different types of packaging. All types of screw caps and bumping caps can be closed.

The labelling device allows the application of front and rear self-adhesive labels on packaging of various shapes, or other additional labels applied to the packaging or its closure. In combination with a dot matrix or thermal transfer printer, additional information such as date of manufacture, expiry date and batch number can be printed on the labels. Camera inspection allows the rejection of packaging without label or printing.

Filling lines can be supplemented with various secondary packaging options such as group packing in cartons or shrink wrapping.

For complete automation, lines can be equipped with an automated form of palletizing.

We are able to fill lubricants such as petroleum jelly in both liquid and solid state using hydraulic extruders.

Engine oils and lubricants
Engine oils and lubricants

Examples of engine oils & lubricants

  • Motor oils
  • Machine oils
  • Vaseline
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Lubricant solvents