- Filling lines for buckets -

Bucketline is the monoblock machine designed to destack, fill, seal, lid, label and palletize pails of different volumes and sizes.


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Basic configuration

  • Pail stacks buffer
  • Pail destacker of mechanical or robotic type
  • Pail filling unit using flowmeter or weight dosing system
  • Pail sealing unit
  • Pail lidding system mechanical or robotic
  • Labeller for one or 2 side labelling
  • Pail palletizer

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Other options

  • Pail and lid cleaning system using ionized air
  • Pail orientation unit
  • Nitrogen dosing system
  • Lid presence and closing quality check
  • Pallet conveyors as accessory to pail palletizer

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Process description

  • The stacks of pails are placed on the infeed buffer conveyor (vertical destacker) or on parallel horizontal conveyors (robotic destacker).Than the pails are transferred to the destacking position. There the last pail is separated from the stack and placed on the pail infeed conveyor. The pail is filled using flowmeter or weight type doser and after filling it moves to the sealing station.
  • There the pail is sealed with foil and moves to next lidding position. In this position the lid is placed on the top of the pail by mechanical cam or scara robot and than the lid is pressed on by motorized roller applicator. After closing one or more labels are applied. Filled, closed and labelled pail can be automatically palletized by palletizing robot with special gripper. Pail palletizer can be equipped with pallet destacker, infeed and outfeed conveyors, automatic stretchwrapper and pallet labeller/printer.

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