- Unscrambling machines and caps orientators -

ANSA unscrambling machine is designed for automatic orientation and placing of empty containers of various shapes and sizes on the conveyor belt. 

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Basic configuration

  • Stainless steel machine frame with height adjustable legs
  • Empty containers hopper
  • Sensor to detect low level of containers in the hopper
  • Elevating conveyor
  • Orientation bowl with diameter 800 - 1.600 mm (based on the size of containers and machine speed)
  • Belts system for handling and orientation of containers
  • Turning hook
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • Safety guards

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Other options

  • Air rinsing/sterilizing device
  • Servo driven turning hook
  • Secondary orientation of bottles with eccentric necks or handles

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Process description

  • The operator pours empty containers into the hopper. The hopper is equipped with a sensor to detect the level of the containers inside the hopper. In case of low level of containers, the machine gives light and acoustic signal to inform the operator. The container hopper is connected in the bottom part to elevating conveyor.
  • The conveyor transfers empty containers to the orientation bowl. The orientation bowl orients the containers and transfers them into the belt system. The belt system performs the final orientation of the containers and loads them onto outfeed conveyor.

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