Robotic line for bird feed dispensing into buckets


Introducing our fully automatic solution for dispensing products into buckets.

The buckets are stacked on a double horizontal conveyor. A Fanuc robotic arm removes a pair of buckets each time by means of a special mechanism, which it then places on the conveyor of the dosing line.

The product can be dispensed using a combination scale or a screw dispenser. For the filling of liquid products, it is then possible to use one of the pumps developed by us. 

The filled weight (or volume) is controlled by a continuous checkweigher with the possibility of discarding non-compliant buckets. The scale is certified and can act as an officially verified measuring instrument.

For bulk products, the option of using a vibrating conveyor is offered to assist in the correct arrangement of the product prior to lid application.

The lids are stacked in full stacks in an automatic hopper.

A Fanuc Scara robotic arm removes the lids and applies them to the buckets coming down the conveyor. The pressing of the lids is carried out by an adjustable press roller.

The advantages of this solution are its compact size, easy adjustability and conversion to other bucket types and low operator requirements. The line is an ideal solution for increasing production efficiency while reducing the need for human labour.