Robotic Capping Machine for screw-on caps

Capline Robo is linear capping machine that is designed for closing of canisters, gallons and other types of mostly large scale containers. It´s a linear type machine and thanks to this design the machine can be used for various sizes of containers without any format parts. Capline Robo closes containers without stopping them. This way it totally eliminates the risk of product splashing with subsequent soiling of the packaging or conveyor belt.

Capline Robo is equipped by caps hopper with automatic elevator. This elevator is also used for an orientation of the caps. The caps then falls down a caps rail to the taking position, the fullnes of the caps rail is detect by sensors. When there is a low buffer of the caps in the rail the sensor starts the elevator and the rails is automatically refilled.

Containers enter by conveyor belt to the side belt system. These belts stabilize container during capping and they also protect the container against spinning.

The first robotic unit Fanuc Scara takes the cap and places it on the neck of the container. 

The second robotic unit Fanuc Scara then tights the cap to he requested torque and closed container leaves the machine.