Increasing health and safety for the wood industry

Dealing with both unprocessed materials and completed goods in the manufacturing of wooden products presents a unique set of difficulties when it comes to lifting. The combination of bulky material sizes, heavy weights, and frequently porous surfaces, along with the intricate and challenging shapes that need to be maneuvered, makes it tough to adhere to safety protocols in the manual handling process. Nevertheless, it is crucial to overcome these challenges and prioritize safety while handling tasks like moving sizable plywood sheets or furniture. 

Enhancing Safety and Profitability in the Wood Products Industry with TAWI 

Lifting large or heavy products in the wood industry indeed requires considerable power, and accurately positioning such cumbersome items demands a high level of dexterity and precision. This aspect is particularly evident in the wood industry, where the handling of heavy wooden pieces is not only a common occurrence but a daily necessity. 

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