Labelling Machines


Our labelling systems are used in food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Using the systems it is possible to apply one or more selfadhesive labels on cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular containers, or on the containers of irregular shape. 


Individual packages enter the labelling system via a conveyor where they are guided by adjustable guides. After entering the machine, the label is applied using the ETIPACK STRONG labelling head and immediately after application on a part of the package, it is gradually smoothed around the perimeter of the package in the DRP machine (The package is rolled off using a driven side belt on the pressure plate).

After the label has cooled, the packaging exits the labelling system via a conveyor.

Standart configuration:

  • Machine frame with stainless steel panels
  • Conveyor system with variable speed
  • Labelling head 1O with microregulation and speed adjustment
  • DRP - product wrap around device H 90 mm
  • Tastex photocell start with support
  • Signal for line stop in case of alarm
  • Electrical board


System 5 is universal system designed to apply one or more selfadhesive labels on elliptical or flat containers. The machine can be equipped with 1,2 or more labelling heads (one or two sides labelling, neck labelling, etc). Another difference among the models consists in the application speed and in the maximum width of the labels (depends on the labelling head model).

The System 5 can be equipped with a top stabiliser (DSP hold down device) and is available with a chain aligner for elliptical bottles (to ensure centering of elliptical bottles before the labelling cycle).

In combination with product wrap around device (DRP) the system can apply labels also on cylindrical containers. The system is easily adjustable for different formats of labels and bottles.

The System 5 ensures precise label application at medium and high speeds and is designed especially for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industry.  

The machine includes:

  • Stainless steel frame placed on antivibration legs
  • Water resistant lockable electrical cabinet
  • Labelling head microregulation to adjust precisely and easily labelling head position
  • 3 meters long conveyor with adjustable guide rails and with polyurethane/PVC belt
  • Labelling head(s) complete with drawing module, reel unwinder, backing paper rewinder, photostop with support, adjustable dispensing unit, dispensing unit transmission roller, POT 02 manual speed regulator
  • Floating roller applicators to place the label
  • Encoders for synchronization of the speed of the labelling heads and wrap around device with the speed of belt conveyor drive
  • Reflex photocell start with support or optical fibre photocell start with support