IBC & Drum Bulk Filler Machine


IBC & DRUM BULK FILLER is a machine designed for filling of large barrels and IBCs.The pallet with drums is placed under position of filling nozzle or on the infeed roller conveyor by a forklift - in case of version with conveyor is pallet automatically transferred to the filling position.

The operator guides the filling nozzle over the drum or IBC opening and press the button to fix the arm in the position.

The operator then presses the second button to start the filling process. The nozzle dives into the container, the valve opens and the filling starts. When the pre-set weight is nearly reached, the valve and nozzle partially close, and when the value is reached, the nozzle fully closes.

Then the pallet moves to the next station where the containers are closed. 

Included in the machine:

Proportional valve (precise volume control, working up to 2 bars)

Strong base with flexible arm

Manual arm height adjustment with wheel-reducer

Pneumatic breaking system to lock the arm in required position

Pneumatic system of nozzle diving into the barrel (200 mm)

Closing of the nozzle

PLC and HMI Siemens

Pneumatic components SMC

Nozzle collision control

Weight platform Sartorius standard (accuracy +/-500g)

Machine made of SS AISI 304 steel, conveyer zinc-covered