Behind the Bottle: The Journey of Edible Oil and Mayonnaise from Production to Packaging

ALBERTINA Machinery s.r.o. is traditional producer of machines and complete filling lines for filling of edible oil, mayonnaise and sauces. 

Our lines are composed of depalletizers and bottle unscramblers, fillling and capping machines, labellers of different types, case packers and palletizers including stretchwrappers and pallet labellers. 

We have supplied machines to the biggest leaders in the field.

Some of our references:


ANSA unscrambling machine is designed for automatic orientation and placing of empty containers of various shapes and sizes on the conveyor belt.


Apollo FM is linear filling machine with dosing system based on induction or mass flow meters. The machine excels in filling precision, is very well cleanable, simple to operate and can be easily set to other format. The machine can be used in pharma, cosmetics, food and chemical industry.


Capline CN is linear capping machine suitable for automatic capping of bottles or canisters with screw on or press-on caps. Thanks to the linear design of the machine no format parts for different sizes of containers are needed. The cap is automatically oriented and applied on the bottle neck.


Labelling System 5 is an universal labelling system designed to apply one or two self adhesive labels on square and elliptical containers, by using DRP device also on cylindrical containers.


Packing machine Cartontech is used to erect american boxes, insert bottles, cans, bags or oter items into these boxes and close the top and bottom of the box by tape or hotmelt glue.


Robotic palletizers are used to place individual packages (boxes, bags, canisters, pails and barrels) on pallets or halfpallets.


  • one producer of all core machines-filler, capper, labeller,case packer, drum filler-palletizer
  • one style of software
  • one type of Siemens PLC and TS in all core machines
  • communication withall machines in filling line via central PLC
  • possibility toconnect complete line to superior system of the company
  • distant access and communication with complete line
  • company Albertina acting 32 years on the market
  • over 3000 installations worldwide
  • experienced teamof service technicians and programing engineers
  • worldwide service and sales network
  • immediate commercial and technical reaction
  • 24/7 service
  • top level components used in lines - Endress andHauser, Siemens, SMC or Festo,Omron, Fanuc etc.
  • focus onlow energy consumption
  • highfilling accuracy, high line efficiency