Complete filling line for vegetable oil


Albertina Machinery has recently developed and installed a complete filling line for vegetable oil using Fanuc robotic technology.
This filling line is characterized by its ease of maintenance and conversion to other formats, placing minimal demands on the operation of individual equipment.
The filling line consists of Apollo FM filling equipment equipped with flow meters ensuring high accuracy of the filled batch. The equipment is also very easy to clean. A great advantage of the equipment is its universal applicability for all types of plastic packaging. 

The caps are applied using a Capline Robo capping machine. A Fanuc Scara robotic arm is used to apply and tighten the caps. The caps are deployed with continuous movement of the packaging thus avoiding product spillage onto the conveyor belt. Another advantage of the device is the absence of format parts when changing the type of packaging.

The filling line is also equipped with a device for automatic application of plastic handles. The application is similar to that of the closing device.

For greater efficiency and to reduce the need for labour, the line is also equipped with robotic palletizing including automatic insertion of carton liners and wrapping equipment.