Complete filling line - Detergents

Bottles are automaticaly feeded on conveyor belt by an automatic unscrambling machine. This machine works on simple principle. The operators puts empty bottles to the integrated hopper of the machine. Bottles are pre-orientated by rotary bowl and then feeds one by one on the conveyor belt by system of the belts and wheels. The unscrambling machine is very effective way how to reduce number of operators in production and so decrease a production expenses.

Filling is done by linear filling machine with high accurate dosing system based on mass flowmeters. Filling machine is equipped by nozzles with pneumatic lifting. This function helps to avoid product foaming and splashing. Linear filling system has two major advantages. At first it doesn´t need format parts for different bottles size. The adjustment from one bottle type to the another can be done very quickly, without any tools. The second advantage is easy cleaning of the dosing system. Standard equipment of the machine are cleaning adapters. These adapters in combination with collecting manifold enable connection to the existing CIP system.

Filling line is equipped by capping machine that is suitable for insertion and tightening of trigger caps. The triggers caps are taken from the hopper, orientated by special rotary orientotar and then they are inserted to the bottle. Tightening is done by four wheel system with adjustable torque.

The next machine is rotary labeler for 4 side self adhesive label application. Each bottle is orientated at the entrance of the machine and after that is stabilized from bottom and top - this system guarantees perfect accuracy of label application.

After filling, capping and labelling follows the last automatic operation - cartoning. Bottles are collected the the groups and those groups are inserted to the american carton that is automaticaly erected and sealed. Carton is take from carton magazine, erected and sealed from the bottom. After insertion the carton goes to the top sealing machine where the top flaps of are sealed. Sealed carton leaves the line on conveyor belt.