Automatic Unscrambling Machine


Loading empty packaging into the filling line is a physically demanding activity that requires a large number of operators. Albertina's unscrambling equipment is a spectacular alternative that offers full automation of this process.

The operator pours the empty plastic packaging into the machine's hopper. The machine then orients the packaging and places it gradually on the infeed conveyor belt.

Thanks to full automation, the physical work of the operators is saved and the number of operators required at the beginning of the filling line is reduced.

Model ANSA 800

  • The small bottle unscrambling machines are designed for use primarily in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They are also used for orientation of bottles for filling E-cigarettes etc.

  • The bottles are emptied into a drum, from which they are moved horizontally to a belt, where they are oriented with their neck in one direction by means of a special mechanical turner. They are then placed in a vertical position by means of a system of side belts and continue along the conveyor to the filling machine.

Model ANSA 1000 - 1200

  • Canister unscrambling machines are used wherever bottles and cans need to be automatically fed onto the infeed conveyor of a filling line.

  • In most containers, the neck is eccentrically positioned, so it is necessary to include a secondary orientation system behind the sluice, whereby the containers are oriented in one direction and continue on to the filling machine.