Vacuum lifters for brewery industry


TAWI vacuum lifters allow lifting of loads without the need for increased physical strain on the operator. Whether it is barrels, boxes, bags or other loads, using vacuum, the load can be safely picked up, lifted and transferred to the desired location. 

In the beverage and brewery industry, these solutions find a wide range of applications, from depalletizing kegs and placing them on conveyors, through emptying bags, buckets and canisters or other containers into hoppers when mixing blends, to the subsequent palletizing of barrels, boxes and other types of group packaging. These operations are often carried out manually, requiring considerable physical strength of operators.

TAWI Multifunctional lifters and TAWI Highspeed lifters save employees' health, contribute significantly to improving the working environment, increase work efficiency and flexibility, and eliminate the risk of workplace injuries and accidents.