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Pharma manufacturing: main challenges and potential solutions


Pharma manufacturing is complex and sometimes hazardous industry. The manufacturing process demands precise, safe and hygienic lifting at the weighing, processing and packaging stages.

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Increasing safety in wood products industry


Handling both raw materials and finished items in wood product manufacturing is in some ways a perfect storm of lifting challenges.

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Labelling Machines


Our labelling systems are used in food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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AdBlue Filling Technology


Demand for AdBlue products is constantly growing and so is workload for many chemistry industries and companies.

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Automatic Unscrambling Machine


Loading empty packaging into the filling line is a physically demanding activity that requires a large number of operators.

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Tube Filling Machine UP 30P


The advantage of the device is a proven concept based on years of experience.

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Flexibility and efficiency in the beverage industry


Coping with the growing number of new products, designs and packaging sizes requires great flexibility and agility from manufacturers.

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IBC & Drum Bulk Filler Machine


IBC & DRUM BULK FILLER is a machine designed for filling of large barrels and IBCs.

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Pallet Machine PALOMAT


PALOMAT provides automatic stacking and destacking of pallets. It increases pallet flow efficiency, improves workplace organization and eliminates manual pallet handling.

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Automatic filling of doypacks


You must have noticed the growing popularity of doypacks. So have we, and that's why we have decided to expand our range of equipment designed specifically for working with doypacks.

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Albertina Equipmet for Pharmacy


Monoblocks are the ideal solution for pharma and cosmetic factories with limited space.

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Vacuum lifters for brewery industry


TAWI vacuum lifters allow lifting of loads without the need for increased physical strain on the operator.

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Robotic line for bird feed - buckets


Introducing our fully automatic solution for dispensing products into buckets.

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Complete filling line for vegetable oil


Albertina Machinery has recently developed and installed a complete filling line for vegetable oil using Fanuc robotic technology.

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