Pallet Machine PALOMAT


PALOMAT provides automatic stacking and destacking of pallets. It increases pallet flow efficiency, improves workplace organization and eliminates manual pallet handling. It significantly reduces the number of workplace injuries caused by manual lifting and moving of heavy pallets, thus creating an ergonomic working environment, saving on maintenance costs and minimising the risk of damage to pallets due to improper storage.

All pallet handling takes place at floor level and, depending on the chosen design, it can stack and de-stack up to 5 pallets at a time. It allows the entire stack of pallets (15 or 25 pieces) to be inserted or removed and when the maximum number of pallets is reached in stacking mode, it automatically folds the entire stack of pallets to the floor for easy removal by hand, stacker or forklift. Most models are powered by electricity from a 230V socket, so the machine can easily be moved to a new position if the pallet flow changes. Also available in a compressed air version.

The basic models can handle common pallets of various sizes, but each of the machines can be customised to suit your requirements. Manual control is via a touch panel on the side of the machine, and when the automatic mode is activated, it operates completely on its own, without the need to press any control buttons. A wide range of accessories and add-ons are available to help optimise the safety and operation of the machine. Selected models can be placed in environments with temperatures as low as -25°C.